Keywords: expert prevention, prevention, forensic examination, forensic expert institutions, main tasks of activity.


The article analyzes conceptual foundations, views and ideas concerning the essence of expert prevention. The relationship between the concepts of «prevention» and «prevention», which is in contact with each other, is investigated, because one of the main problems of the criminal investigation of the phenomenon of expert prevention is the ambiguity of both scientific understanding and the practical application of the corresponding conceptual-categorical apparatus. It is emphasized that the essence of expert prevention is the influence of the relevant subjects on crime through the use of special professional knowledge. That is, to the subject of forensic examination, should include studies of circumstances on the basis of which can be and should be developed scientific, organizational and technical measures of preventive nature. Proven that among the tasks of preventive nature, which can be solved by the staff of judicial-expert institutions, the development of aimed at forecasting in criminalistic aspects of circumstances contributing to the commission of crimes, taking into account the possibilities of certain types of expert research, should occupy an important place.

It is proved that the preventive activities of forensic institutions of Ukraine should be carried out: in the production of examinations in specific criminal, administrative or civil cases; by summarizing expert, as well as forensic investigative practices; in the process of research on expert prevention; by providing on the basis of special knowledge of scientific and practical assistance to government agencies and public organizations in identifying circumstances conducive to the commission of crimes.

In order to improve the quality of expert-preventive activities, the staff of the forensic institutions of Ukraine should pay maximum attention to the promotion of preventive activities among representatives of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies.

On the basis of the analysis, the author’s definition of expert prevention is given: the activity of a forensic expert based on the laws and by-laws of normative legal acts, aimed at revealing the circumstances contributing to the commission of a crime, and the development of measures for their elimination with the use of special knowledge.


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