As for decision making rules based on research results while forensic science activities

  • S. Paraschiv
  • S. Onoprienko
  • I. Spasenko
Keywords: decision making rules, uncertainty, conformity assessment, measurements, protective stripaking decisions are established by, options for making a decision on compliance/non-compliance with requirements.


While forensic research, obtained results should be evaluated in order to ensure adoption of correct conclusion regarding the research object. For this purpose forensic experts should use established decision rules to substantiate a statement about conformity of an object or certain requirements, or parameters, or characteristics. Currently, the need to ensure that a decision is made based on results of forensic examination using the concept of decision rules is constantly increasing. Therefore, consideration of the issue of establishing rules for making decisions while forensic science activity at international and national levels is relevant. Relevance of this issue is justified not only by the requirements of ІSO/ IEC 17025:2017 for testing laboratories but by the requirements for the objectivity of expert opinion. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 recognizes that there is no single rule for deciding on conformity. In other words, in a specific situation there will be its own decision making rule. This also applies to forensic science activity.

Therefore, this article purpose is necessary for forensic science activity to determine:

  • general guidelines for choosing appropriate decision-making rule;
  • directives for determining the components of decision making rules depending on the object and the task of forensic examination;
  • rules for applying certain requirements to the research results of carried out in accordance with requirements of research methods, research object and the type of quantitative or qualitative research.

Thus, this article defines and considers the process of establishing the rules for making decisions, criteria which the rules for m


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