• V. M. Shevchuk
Keywords: genesis, tactical operations, tactical combinations, history of tactical operations, evolutionary way of tactical operations development, criminalistic theory of tactical operations


The article studies the creation and development of the criminalistic category of a «tactical operation». The genesis of tactical operations is investigated along two avenues: theoretical (as a scientific category within criminalistics) and practical (as a means ofpractical functioning of investigation bodies). The article provides its analysis of tactical operations with regard to determining factors that influenced the creation and development of this criminalistic category. It investigates into the problems of determining stages in the tactical operations development history and their formation as a scientific criminalistic category as well as a comprehensive tactical tool of practical application in criminal proceedings. The emergence, formation and introduction of arrays of investigation actions, operation and search measures, tactical operations in the forensic and investigation practices are closely connected with the establishment of criminalistics as an independent area of knowledge. Research into the history of emergence and formation as well as the present state and perspectives for the development of tactical operations is necessary to form the concepts of this criminalistic category, determine its nature, essence, theoretical significance and practical application. The article concludes with suggesting perspective areas for further scientific research into the given problems.

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Shevchuk, V. M. (2016). THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC IDEAS ABOUT TACTICAL OPERATIONS. Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 15, 43-54.