Keywords: land, control of landowners, state inspectors, copying of goods, not the main assignment of rozrahunok rozmіru shkodi.


The relevance of the census is by the fact that it is the first-rate property for all significant means of justice, disputable persons, as well as perusal of civil rights, and of the rest of the country, and at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, N 963 «Techniques for rozmіru shkodi, zapodіyanono ї vnasdok samovilny zaynyattya land dіlyanok, vikoristannya land dіlyanok not for the whole ryazanennyam, knowing the ground crookedness (I’m using the same mask, I didn’t have a draw).

The Method № 963 is hidden on the assignment to the distributor, the authorities, the territorial communities, the legal entities, the legal entities, all the categories of land in the land and land areas, not the main reason, which is not the main reason.

The state monopoly (control) at the part of the land legislation, the victorious and the safeguarding of the lands of all categories and the forms of authority, is attached to the Derzhgeokadastre.

It is prescribed by the Law of Ukraine «On state control over the damage and protection of land» from 19 June 2003, p. N 963-IV of the sovereign control over the victorians and the defense of the earths can be crossed by the cross.

In response to a visit to the Roshraunker Rozmir, to be under the supervision of the Victory Day in the land of the Red Army, not in accordance with the appropriate standards, refer to the administrative provisions of the state registrars and the workers, but also to the lawyers in the field

  • The act of registration of the law of land legislation;
  • protocol on administrative law enforcement;
  • pripis (with the usushenya pushenenya land legislation);
  • act of land registration.

The procedure for the assignment to the distributor of the schoolchildren, according to the rules of the localization of the land of the girls, is not the same as the assignment of the procedure, clause 5 of Method № 963.

An overview of the data for this type of expertise є Rosrahunok rozmіru shkodi, zavdo їnask dikoristannya land dylyanki not for the purpose.

Judicial examiner — economist to carry out the completion of the correctness of the assignment to the direct ordering of the skoda, induced in the above-mentioned Rosrahunka for the complete assembly of the Inspector.

The result of the ship examiner’s examination of the economist’s case is that of the hanging of the vessel itself, at the same time as the control body of the Technique № 963.


Metodyka vyznachennia rozmiru shkody, zapodiianoi vnaslidok samovilnoho zainiattia zemelnykh dilianok, vykorystannia zemelnykh dilianok ne za tsilovym pryznachenniam, zniattia gruntovoho pokryvu (rodiuchoho sharu gruntu) bez spetsialnoho dozvolu: Postanova Kabinetu Ministriv Ukrainy vid 25 lypnia 2007 r. № 963. URL: (data zvernennіa 7.05.2019) [in Ukrainian].
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Polozhennia pro Derzhavnu sluzhbu Ukrainy z pytan heodezii, kartohrafii ta kadastru: Postanova Kabinetu Ministriv Ukrainy vid 14.01.2015. № 15. URL: (data zvernennіa 16.03.2019) [in Ukrainian].
Polozhennia pro Holovne upravlinnia Derzhheokadastru v oblasti: nakaz Ministerstva ahrarnoi polityky ta prodovolstva Ukrainy vid 29.09.2016.
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