Keywords: construction objects, construction; residential development; real estate, surveys, redevelopment; area, reconstruction, distribution, technical inventory, technical condition, operation, common share, common share ownership, forensics, construction and technical expertise.


The solution of issues arising during the research on the division of residential buildings of old buildings is relevant for the theory and practice of conducting forensic examinations related to the development of options for the division of such real estate, given the uncertainty and contradictions in the data of certain documents (technical, legal) that are provided for research and changes in composition residential real estate in common ownership as a result of certain redevelopment actions, builder stvu, reconstruction.

Errors (the results of incorrect calculations, inaccuracies, typos, etc.) allowed during the preparation of technical inventory documents, on the basis of which documents of title to real estate are drawn up, affect the calculations when developing options for the division of residential real estate. During long-term operation, all changes in the composition of households that are made by the co-owners of this property at different time periods, such as changes in the space-planning decisions of objects, engineering and technical equipment, landscaping, etc., must be reflected in the documents submitted for the study, including corrected ideal shares in connection with the improvements in residential real estate of the old buildings. These factors affect the completeness of the study and the formation of expert conclusions about the possible division of the old residential buildings.

The analysis of normative and legal documentation was carried out, unified approaches to the research on the division of residential buildings of the old buildings were developed taking into account certain factors that affect the results of the conclusions of this type of expertise.


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