Keywords: forensic examination in economic court proceedings; special knowledge; expert opinion; research of impressions of seals and stamps in the technical examination of documents; examination in the field of intellectual property.


One of the main conditions for the construction and functioning of the rule of law is the legal regulation of all spheres of human activity, the creation of a reliable effective legal mechanism of state protection of all natural and acquired human rights, in accordance with their legal status. The rapid growth of the needs of modern society in the use of knowledge from various fields of science, technology, art, crafts does not go around such a public sphere as the sphere of legal proceedings, and understanding the importance of special knowledge to establish the truth in economic affairs gives reason to consider forensic science as an independent institution for protecting rights and the legitimate interests of citizens, legal entities and the interests of the state as a whole. In any branch of law, there are branch institutes. In those cases when a particular institution combines the norms of two or more branches of law, it is considered intersectoral. A separate legal institution is a set of rules governing a certain group of legal relations, which are personified by virtue of their specificity. The integration of the achievements of various sciences into the practice of proof is a natural and traditionally studied phenomenon for economic proceedings. But the constant development of all social processes and relations determines the dynamic processes in the sphere of their legal regulation, which are reflected in the changes in the relevant regulatory legal acts. Due to the intensification of legislative activity in Ukraine, which has been manifested in recent years, there is not only inconsistency of the provisions of certain legal acts among themselves, but also contradictions to constitutional principles, and in some cases, to the laws of scientific development of certain branches of knowledge. Unfortunately, such processes are also characteristic of such an important state institution as justice and its individual institutions, in particular, forensic science.

In connection with the above, there is a need to analyze the problematic issues of the appointment and conduct of forensic examination in economic proceedings.


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