• M. O. Zhuravleva
Keywords: psychological examination, moral harm, criminal process collisions


The paper considers contradictions which arise after entering amendments in 2014 into article 242 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine, in which an obligatory appointment of psychological examination for the determination of moral harm amount in criminal trial is allocated. The thought on inexpediency of appointment of the person moral sufferings examination within the limits of criminal proceedings on the basis ofsuch positions is subtatiated: 1) before pronouncement of a court sentence on criminal proceedings a person’s guilt is not proved, in this case forensic psychological examination will be based on not proved premise - possibility of guilt which conflicts to an innocence presumption according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The expert conclusion is one of procedural sources ofproofs. Carrying out forensic psychological examination of moral harm within criminal proceedings, the expert, being based on the inadmissible assumption of guilty, creates the proof; 2) if the question of moral sufferings presence is considered within criminal proceedings, the fact of absence of the claimantfault has to be established by the court along with definition of the respondent fault degree; 3) pronouncement of a court sentence with definition of the parties guilty degree is an important point for definitive qualitative and quantitative formalizing moral sufferings. At the stage «before a sentence» the psychological trauma has not been yet led to the fullforming ofmoral sufferings, therefore during carrying out psychological research on the materials of criminal proceedings the amount of compensation should be defined only as "a preliminary"; 4) for the determination of the depth and heaviness of the person’s sufferings a psychologist needs to conduct a research only in 1 yearfrom the moment of injuring events (the person should go through stages of distress after losing close relative, to be treated and feel consequences at health damage).

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