• I. V. Bogdanyuk
Keywords: forensic military examination, military art, military operations, armed conflict, general (all-arms) battle, system of armies management, assessment of the situation, commander’s decision


The paper presents the factors which stipulated inadequate efficiency of application of antiterrorist operation forces. Their military character and the relation to a component of such sphere of military art as military management are defined. It’s specified that decision-making constituents a basis of management activity in various spheres of human activity. There is noted a problem of deficiency of the scientific-methodical support oriented at the decision offorensic expert problems within the limits of military researches. The attention is focused that the current state of the struggle against criminality demands an increase of an expert work efficiency, namely, to work out expert techniques according to the international standards. It’s noticed that in this relation the Kharkiv research institute of forensic examination initiated performing research work on the theme «The technique of forensic-expert research of the work of commanders (staffs) and militaryformations in preparing and performing of combat (service-combat) tasks». It’s noticed that development and improvement of the means of armed struggle leads to the change of characteristics of the battle and essentially influences on the content and the technique of the commander and staff work as to its organization. The content of the organization process of the battle (combat operations) is presented. The methods of the commander (staff) work on the organization of combat operations are considered. The purpose of each element of decision-making process and the content of conclusions from them, made the commander, are specified. There’s defined that forensic experts on a specialty «Military researches», using special knowledge in the analysis of the commander decision by means of researching conformity of the process content and the technique on elaborating conclusions on evaluating situation elements, have a possibility to determine its expediency.

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Bogdanyuk, I. V. (2017). ON THE FORENSIC EXPERT RESEARCH OF THE DECISION CONTENT MADE BY THE COMMANDER. Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 17, 381-391. https://doi.org/10.32353/khrife.2017.49