Quality consideration of building and renovation works while forensic structural inspections to determine the volume and cost of construction

Keywords: work quality, actually completed construction work, defects, working scope, engineering and technical staff.


Currently, forensic methods and regulations in the field of construction do not explain how quality of work affects the procedure of forensic examinations and research related to determining the work scope.

While carrying out building and renovation services, it is possible to control provided construction and renovation services,  establish their physical volume and quality. While research, forensic expert can identify violations of building codes, as well as determine the cost of refurbishment or elimination of defects made providing services.

The scoop of performed works is determined by geometric parameters of construction elements, established during field surveys using design and as-built documentation.

While carrying out field surveys, it is necessary (along with the determination of service scope) to pay attention to the compliance of the work performed with the requirements of building codes.

The article outlines problematic issues and provides a list of basic indicators determining the scoop and quality of the construction works carried out, indicated in the reporting documentation drawn up by contractors based on results of activities in the field of construction. Actual issue arising in the establishment of the scoop and cost of construction work is considered  that quality does not meet the requirements of regulatory documents in the field of construction.

It is explained how the quality of the work performed affects the results of research related to the determination of the actually completed volumes of repair, building and renovation and construction work.


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