Topical aspects of round table holding at the current stage of forensic science institutions development

Keywords: round table, business meeting, conversation, discussion, interactivity, research, forensic science institutions


  In modern international conditions, cooperation with representatives of other countries is becoming an objective need for pre-trial investigation bodies and forensic science institutions. And it requires not only the improvement of current forms and methods of negotiations but also the search for new forms of cooperation between countries based on mutual interests.

The Article purpose is to identify problem areas in holding scientific events in round table format as a means of finding solutions to detected issues in the field of forensic science at the regional and international levels. Recommendations for enhancing efficiency in round tables holding have been developed.

While research, the main issues leading to unsuccessful organization of round tables as a result of inconsistencies, lack of interactivity, insufficient argumentation framework, uncontrolled polyphonic discussion, inability to justify and develop their point of view have been considered.

Referring to the analysis of held round tables, a number of recommendations have been created and several methods have been developed for successful holding in the form of project with a clear division of preparation stages and allocation of specific tasks at each stage.

Validity of obtained results and conclusions is ensured thanks to general scientific and special research methods, being means for research, in particular for observation and formal logic (analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, analogy, abstraction); the systemic and structural method was used to define peculiarities in holding of business meetings.

Implementation of these recommendations into forensic expert practice while business meetings will contribute to search for rational ways of problems solution, exchange of experience at the regional and international levels with forensic experts from leading countries of the world.


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