• I. V. Yatsenko
  • S. I. Zapara
  • A. V. Zakhariev
Keywords: forensic veterinary examination, perspectives of development.


The prospects of development of forensic veterinary examination as areas of practical veterinary and legal activity, science and educational discipline in Ukraine are demonstrated. The subject, the range of objects, the list of issues that are solved while this examination during offences investigation are determined. Some aspects of special veterinary knowledge use in expert activity are considered. Prospective scientific directions of forensic veterinary research are indicated. The subject of forensic veterinary examination are factual data (facts, circumstances) which are established on the basis of special veterinary knowledge. Objects of forensic veterinary examination include: 1) live animals: domestic, wild, hunting, zoo (exotic); 2) corpses of animals (anatomically whole, fragmentary, skeletonized); 3) raw materials for the veterinary and biological industry (endocrine, enzymatic); 4) feeds of animal origin, feed additives; 5) products of animal origin; 6) veterinary pharmaceuticals and poisons; 7) objects – material evidence: pesticides, ropes, vomit masses, blood traces, afterbirth, etc.; derivatives of the skin of animal origin (hair, feather, scales, etc.); pieces of fur and skins; 8) documents: materials of pre-trial and judicial cases (protocols of autopsy, acts of an epizootic inspection of a farm, a journal of registration and treatment of sick animals, a journal of issuing veterinary documents, a manufacturer's declaration, operating permit, etc.). Forensic veterinary examination solves the issues during offences investigation regarding: production, circulation, sale, storage of animal origin products; state determination of health and degree of bodily harm of animals; forensic veterinary research of animal corpses; establishment of violent death; assessment of the timeliness and completeness of medical-prophylactic, antiepizootic, sanitary-hygienic, quarantine and other measures; research on cases of medical errors of specialists in veterinary medicine; performing researches on cases on solving conflicting economic issues in the areas of animal husbandry technology and veterinary medicine; researches on veterinary documents.

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Yatsenko, I. V., Zapara, S. I., & Zakhariev, A. V. (2018). CURRENT STATE AND PERSPECTIVES FOR DEVELOPMENT FORENSIC VETERINARY EXAMINATION IN UKRAINE. Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 18, 568-575.

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