• V. T. Chuprun
  • I. V. Bogdaniuk
Keywords: forensic expert activity in the military sphere, functions of troop’s control, decision-making, planning of military operations.


Presence of a set of unresolved scientific and practical problems in new field of forensic expert activity "Military Research" is determined; namely: shortage of scientific and methodological support in the military field. It is noted that the analysis of the expert practice of the Kharkiv RIFE indicates a significant increase in the appointment of forensic military examinations. Most of the conclusions of forensic military examinations are based on the results of a comprehensive form of research. Therefore, an important problem is the development of a general methodology for solving the tasks of comprehensive forensic military examination. Taking this into consideration KhRIFE initiated research work on the topic "Methods of forensic expert research the work of commanders (staffs) and fighting units in while preparation and execution of combat (service-combat) tasks".The purpose of this article is to determine specifics of decision-making process in the military field, taking into account modern conditions. It is indicated that the basis of managerial activity in the economic, industrial, military sphere, human life and activities are composed processes of decision-making. Based on the analysis of basic functions of troop’s control, the essence of process of the commander's decision-making to fight and plan military operations is disclosed. The definition of decision essence of any commander to fight is provided. Differences between the decision-making processes in the day-to-day operations of a unit and decision-making under conditions of a combat situation are presented, as well as the difficulties and contradictions which commanders have to be faced. A list of certain factors preventing the adoption of advisable decisions in military field by relevant officials has been established and forms of their expression that should be taken into account in forensic expert researches.

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Chuprun, V. T., & Bogdaniuk, I. V. (2018). PARTICULARITIES OF DECISION-MAKING PROCESS IN THE MILITARY FIELD. Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 18, 543-551.