• N. A. Matsak
  • S. A. Kirilenko
  • O. O. Posashkov
Keywords: door block, high-strength doors, quality, armored structures, operational loads, technical documentation, sealing gaskets, locks, security of premise.


The article outlines the mandatory quality requirements for manufactured and installed metal entrance shockproof doors, which should ensure the safety of life, health and property of citizens. The main technical features of these designs and their characteristics are presented. The problem of quality control is considered, since quality is a guarantee of reliability and a guarantee that doors will serve for a long time and reliably. The installation of high-quality "armored" doors will not only protect housing from unauthorized penetration, but also help to isolate the premise from the external environment; therefore in the problem of selecting entrance metal doors, an important place is occupied by the issue of heat and sound insulation. While choosing a good metal door, every detail should be taken into account. The quality of the goods and safety of the premise directly depend on all design components. The article raises such a topical issue as the establishment of quality works on manufacture, storage, transportation and mounting of entrance metal shockproof doors while performing forensic construction and technical examination. The technical characteristics of building materials that can be used in this case are presented. The authors also pointed out that it is very important to resolve disputes on this type of researches, so this is the availability of technical documentation. All data about the product should be included in this documentation up to the information on transportation and storage, since this information will much facilitate the work of experts in the future. After all, the establishment of the quality of this type of products is a fairly complex and time-consuming process. While determining the quality, all details are important, starting from the quality of the used building materials, the works on manufacturing of the door blocks, their storage and transportation conditions, and finishing the placing (mounting).

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Matsak, N. A., Kirilenko, S. A., & Posashkov, O. O. (2018). EXPERT RESEARCH ON QUALITY DETERMINATION OF ENTRANCE METAL DOORS. Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 18, 428-434.