• O. B. Andreeva
  • O. V. Sharapova
Keywords: forensic-expert activity, methodical provision, scientific validity, forensic- expert errors


One of the most important requirements of the modern forensic expert procedure - ensuring of the principle of scientific validity of the techniques applied is considered. It’s generally accepted to divide scientific events into three types: scientific-theoretical, scientific-practical and scientific-technical. The majority of international meetings offorensic experts, despite the fact that in the process of their performing there are discussed both theoretical and technical issues, should be attributed to the number of scientific-practical. This is due to the fact that the issues that are discussed, primarily highlight the problems of using scientific methods in practical forensic-expert activity. As the practice shows, the questions ofscientific validity of the expert technique and scientific-methodical grounding of its applying in the performance of expertise may have different semantic, operational, and legal interpretation.Based on the analysis of the materials of the 69th Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Examinations, the possibility of solving the most important methodological problems of forensic examination is considered. It’s first of all the achievement of clear clarity and objectivity in the evaluation ofscientific standards for the reliability and trustworthiness offorensic-expert methods and the possibility of their applying in forensic-expert researches. In all countries of the world, forensic laboratories have similar equipment, and experts from different countries apply standard techniques for analyzing the results obtained with the help of this or that technique. The conclusions offoreign scientists are analyzed for the further development of legislation on forensic examination and harmonization of forensic expert cooperation. It’s necessary to continue studying the international experience on increasing the scientific grounding of forensic- expert techniques and to use the results obtained in a wide range of measures to improve the quality of expert research and reduce the terms of its conduct.

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