• N. Ye. Filipenko
Keywords: information systems, forensic science researches, information technologies, information support, expert systems, criminalistic information


This article is devoted to the consideration of theoretical problems of using information systems in forensic science research. Main features of forensic science research at the present stage are carried out that can be attributed to their high research intensity, use of cybernetics achievements which integrating into criminalistics and forensic science act as a catalyst for further development of its traditional means and methods based on achievements of natural, technical and human sciences. The great influence of informatics on forensic expert practice is due to optimization of cognitive processes; further expert activity automation; rationalization of decisions made using information systems, etc. Despite the extensive practice of applying information flows in the intellectual activity of the modern human and broad theoretical development of this scientific category; today there is no constant definition of the "information" concept. This is explained by a variety of the application of information areas, multidirectional nature of information flows, there are a large number of operators exchanging information, rapid development of modern communication connections and technologies. Information in the field of forensic expert activity is derived from legal information but has a number of individual features. Proceeding from this, the information in the field of forensic expert activity is understood as a information collection about material objects, facts, phenomena and processes containing data about criminal activity circumstances and are investigated by an forensic expert using special knowledge. On the basis of the analysis of scientific opinions the definition about information activity of forensic expert is formulated, which is understood a complex of acts based on laws and regulations, aimed at obtaining information about objects of expert research by implementing a set of information-research, informational-communicative and informational-analytical activities with the purpose of compiling a competent conclusion.

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