• О. М. Kliuiev
Keywords: international cooperation, forensic science, forensic expert activity, international standards.


This article outlines general trends of international cooperation development in the field of forensic expert activity and positive experience for use in the practice of Ukrainian forensic science institutes activity. Also the main principles for international cooperation are universal and fixed in the Charter of the United Nations Organization and in the Declaration on the Principles of International Law, namely: principle of need for mutual cooperation between states, principle of sovereign equality of states; principle of faithful fulfillment of obligations according to requirements of international law; principle of respect of human rights and common freedoms are considered. Main attention is paid to the fact that results of the analysis of the state and dynamics of international cooperation in the field of forensic science demonstrate that currently main trends in various field have been formed, namely: organization of international forensic expert cooperation; scientific, methodological and technical support of forensic expert activity and provided them with a description. Author emphasis paid special attention to fact that the requirement for recognizing results of research at the international level is becoming relevant today. Consequently, any laboratory should meet requirements of international standards for the international recognition of the results of measuring activities. According to requirements of network of forensic institutes all laboratories of the European Community should be accredited according to international standard МСО 17025 (МСО 9001). Further strict adherence to this provision will allow the effective realization of cooperation elements while performing comprehensive many object examinations, increasing dynamics of methodological development through the differentiation of research results, organizing a wide exchange of information (in particular, information and reference arrays of samples) on a single methodological basis.Author concluded that introduction of international standards in activity of Ukrainian forensic science institutes is an urgent issue and the key to the recognition of Ukrainian forensic expert conclusions at the international level.

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