• O. V. Matarykina
Keywords: traces of biological origin, crime scene investigation, specialist biologist, forensic scientist, quality of detected and exempt traces


Development of new technical and tactical methods, techniques and means in general criminalistics, as well as rapid development of genetics, leads to an increase in biological information content that can be obtained during crime scene investigation. Increase in the number of appointed examinations does not always lead to positive results. It depends on completeness and quality of exempt traces. Reducing the number of biologists involvement of Expert service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to participate in investigative actions, insufficient theoretical and practical training of сriminalist inspectors involved in crime scene survey are factors that affect completeness and quality of the extracted biological information. Work with traces of biological origin requires special knowledge due to their specificity. The lack of accessible methodological literature on techniques and tactics of work with traces of biological origin, the absence of information in criminalistics textbooks and in higher education institution training programs on search, detection and seizure rules of such tracks leads to the contraction of number questions regarding the quality of the crime scene survey, measures to prevent loss of important information, actions aimed at preserving exempt traces and ensuring their appropriateness for further research. After analyzing main issues that arise while working with biological tracks during crime scene survey, the following ways of solving them are proposed: involve biologists of regional centers in reviewing the crime scene survey according to facts of committing grave crimes; to solve the problem of insufficient theoretical training of сriminalist inspectors and absence of necessary practical skills by organizing systematic classes with invitation of biologists from regional centers; provide the necessary literature for investigation departments and сriminalist inspectors to the direction "search – seizure – packing of traces of biological origin"; introduce cycles on work with tracks of biological origin in trainings programs of investigators and сriminalist inspectors of higher educational establishments.

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Matarykina, O. V. (2018). PROBLEMATIC ISSUES ARISING WHILE CRIME SCENE SURVEY: DETECTION AND SEIZURE OF BIOLOGICAL ORIGIN TRACES. Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 18, 146-153.