• O. Yu. Bululukov
Keywords: tactical decision; stages of making tactical decisions; volitional act.


This article considers the stages of making tactical decisions whole determining circumstances of a criminal offense, which are logically interrelated between one another. Author presents the following stages: a) analysis of information that can include information on methods of preparation, execution and hiding offense; objectives and subjective attitude of the suspect to the offense execution; his behavior while the offense execution and during the pre-trial and trial investigation; regarding persons who oppose the circumstances of the offense determination; regarding the means and methods necessary for the adoption and decision implementation; concerning the predictable solution result; b) setting the goal of tactical effect that involves seeing the final decision result while determining offense circumstances; c) formulating of the task to be solved that is specified in the context of current investigative situation; task formulating includes information on the object of tactical influence, main of which are: investigative situation, activity planning, actions related to the preparation and conduct of an investigative (search) action, either a system of investigative (search) actions or a tactical operation, etc.; d) determination of the means and methods for task solving, to which the author refers: tactical maneuver, the system of tactical maneuvers, investigative (search) action, system of investigative (search) actions, tactical operation, etc.; e) choice of a tactical solution from the possible alternatives suggests determining the optimal variant of a tactical solution using selected method; e) decision implementation involves theoretical structure transformation of the decision into actual actions of investigative (judicial) activity subject. According to the author this sequence is due to the existing investigative situation and is always unchanged.

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Bululukov, O. Y. (2018). TACTICAL DECISIONS MAKING IN THEORY OF CRIMINALISTICS: PROBLEMS OF ACCEPTANCE THEIRS. Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 18, 81-90. https://doi.org/10.32353/khrife.2018.09